Friday, 30 March 2018

Easter Update

Happy Easter Everyone!

My family and I are taking a much needed break over the Easter holidays in one of our favourite holiday locations, Noosa. 

The last few months have been challenging to say the least.  When I left you last, we were embarking on yet another planning permission process.  While the council did everything they could to expedite the process, there is only so much that they can do.  Our advertising period ended on December 22nd, however, just after Christmas, the council notified us that they had received an objection from a neighbour.  The neighbour basically objected to everything except us breathing, fortunately, none of the matters he objected to required us to change our plans.  When an objection has been received however,  a planning permit cannot be issued until three weeks after the council have considered the objection and issued their decision.  While the council did issue their decision in our favour we then had to wait for the VCAT period to expire.  The VCAT period is the time allowed for the objector to appeal council's decison to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.  With all the public holidays in December and January, we finally received our planning permit on February 2nd.

The site cut started that week and we held our breath to see if we would encounter the costly unknown...rock.  The building Gods must have decided that we had encountered enough bad luck and I am delighted to say that the site cut and the excavation for the pool revealed not only no rock but the best soil conditions to build in....Clay!

When we left for Queensland, the plumbing was in, the site cut was finished, the pool was in and the meter box was done.  The electrical pit works were completed during the planning permit phase....much to our grumpy neighbour's discontent.  Hopefully when we return, the piers and stumps will be in, the retaining walls will be done and we will be out of the ground....fingers crossed!

The lower section is the garage foot print, the upper section is where the pool will be

Plumbing is in

All that dirt at the back of the block will be used to level out the "south lawn"

 Footings for the retaining walls are in, these will surround the pool.

After reading Belinda's advice from one her posts on Gallerie B, we made sure that the meter box and switch board were positioned correctly.  The meter box will be on the back of the stone clad pillars either side of the driveway and front gate.  This is its temporary home, on a pole, until the driveway pillars are built.  The switch board will be located in the garage, out of view and easy to access without going outside - the last thing you want to do in a blackout!!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!

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