Saturday, 31 March 2018

The pool

After much research, reading many blogs and discussing our options with friends who have been through the process, we decided to install a fibre glass pool.  The pool is 9.6 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, it is called the Brooklyn and it includes a spa and shallow play platform (which can also be used by us parents juggling a cheeky bubbly while the kids are in the pool!). 

Our pool contractor has been exceptional.  We went with Reef Pools, located in Warrandyte and run by Matt Borrak.  Matt has been great to deal with, he was able to refer us to a number of his past customers who were happy for us to come and look at their finished pools.  It was great to be able to see shell colours and sizes of pools in the landscape.  This helped us a great deal when deciding on the size of the pool and the colour of the shell.  The most important part of this process was talking to Matt's past clients and hearing their experiences.

Matt has been very honest and great to work with.  We encountered a couple of variations due to exisiting site works, however Matt kept us informed with cost estimates and was happy to produce invoices from his subcontractors to support variations, this has built trust between us and our pool contractor which is so important.

Barrier Reef Pools was one of the only fibre glass pool suppliers that produces a shell which includes a spa.  Most fibre glass pool companies only offer separate spas from the shell.

The colour we have gone with is Royal Blue Shimmer which has a glittery effect in the sunlight, the colour is darker than I first imagined I would go with, but not as dark as it looks in the photos of the pool being installed.

You really need to see the pools installed to get a good idea of the colour of the shell - the first client of Matt's that we went to had the colour I thought I wanted - Matt said that once we saw it, we would change our mind and he was right.  When we went to Matt's second client's home and we saw this colour, Royal Blue Shimmer, glittering in the sunlight, I was hooked.  Also, this client has the same north/south orientation of the pool that we have so it gave us a really good idea of what our pool would look like in situ.

One of the other things that this research helped with was deciding on the plumbing fixture colours.  We thought that white stood out too much so we opted for grey fittings which was a special order.  We had grey fittings in our spa at our previous house and we liked they way that they faded in to the background, sort of like painting your fence a dark colour.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished product, and some action shots of the pool going in.
photos courtesy of

The finished Brooklyn

Looking forward to next summer!

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