Monday, 2 April 2018

Retaining walls and stumps

This week, the retaining walls and stumps will go in.  A lot has been happening on site thanks to our builder Grant Jennings and site manager Stephen Henshaw from Jigsaw Projects.

Last week all the holes were dug in preparation for the stumps.  While our builder was digging the holes he came across an old septic tank and house footings that had been left behind by the demolition company that Jon and I hired to clear the block.  I would not recommend Hughes Demolition, not only did they submit an additional variation which amounted to about a third of the original quote, they were not prepared to back up the claim with receipts for the extra work.  We took photos of what was happening on site each day and they claimed that work was being done, trades and equipment were on site when in fact they weren't.  In our experience, we found Hughes Demolition to be dishonest in their dealings with us, and now, to add insult to very expensive injury, they didn't do the job properly in the first place.  Back in the day, an unhappy customer would tell 16 people - now we set up a blog and broadcast it around the world, I guess that's Karma at work!!

Fortunately, the uncovered septic tank and a little bit of rock found while digging the stump holes have not held us up more than a day.  I definitely would have preferred to be back in Melbourne at this crucial stage, but that's council planning permission for you. We were supposed to be out of the ground by February if it wasn't for the delay caused by the council due to the change in overlay requirements (see past blog posts for that painful exercise).  Our builder is working very hard to make up the time and it looks like we will have handover by December 1st, exactly one year after the demolition started and on our 11th wedding anniversary, that would be incredible!!

Here are some action photos, hot off Grant's camera.  What a difference a day makes, out of the ground by 5pm, great job by Grant, Steve and their crew.

These stumps needed to be put in form work as this is where the septic tank was found 

The cut out for the step outside the laundry, those bins are the neighbours' - bring on those fences!!!

Form work for the footings for the retaining wall which is around the pool

More retaining wall footings going in

There are all our stumps laid out ready to set in the ground - say 'Hi' to the neighbours everyone....grrrr!!

The stumps ready to go in this morning

All the stumps in by the end of the day - great job Grant and Steve!

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