Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sub-floor, frame and garage slab

Well, it's been almost a month since Easter - time certainly does fly when you are building!
Lots of progress has been made on the house in the last 4 weeks, the garage slab has been poured, the sub-floor has been installed and today, the frame for the ground floor went in.  I walked around site today and, for the first time, I felt the lines on pages I have been agonising over for almost five years, jump off the page in to what is fast becoming our dream family home.   These last four weeks haven't been without its lessons and the inevitable ups and downs.  After a ridiculous amount of negotiation, all of our neighbours finally realised that they weren't going to get their boundary fences for free and agreed to contribute equally to the fence - unbelievable right?!  The fencer starts this Thursday after Anzac Day - I cannot tell you how much I am longing for the privacy and sense of personal space a fence brings.   They say "good fences make good neighbours" - build me a compound then I say!!

Just before our first progress payment, we were doing our due diligence and checking our builders' warranty insurance - thank goodness we did as the company who issued our policy has had its underwriter go in to liquidation and its parent company go in to voluntary administration.  Being an accountant myself, this translates to not good news for those who hold a policy with the company.  Fortunately, our builder, Grant from Jigsaw Projects understood our concerns and helped us to secure a more suitable policy.  It is so important to have a good relationship with your builder.  Without doubt, there will be differences of opinion, discussions regarding costs and variations, challenges with selections, however if you have a relationship that is honest, open and transparent and you approach problems in a manner which recognises each others' interests, this is sure to build respect regardless of the issue at hand.

So here are some picture of the progress to date:

Sub floor joists and bearers going in
Garage slab - colour: Eclipse the chip board is covering the pool
Front elevation:  Verandah, formal lounge and master bedroom

Formal lounge room

The Edwardian Bay in our master bedroom

The view from our master bay window, looking forward to sitting on the box seat which will be going in here. 

Standing in our master ensuite, looking back toward the walk in robes and master bedroom

Standing just in the front door, looking down the entry hall to the family room, love the split level in the entry hall.

Formal lounge and study

Lounge window looking out to the verandah on the driveway side

Standing in the kitchen looking in to the laundry


From the laundry looking over the Alfresco and in to the family room and mud room
Looking out over the alfresco to the pool and "south lawn"
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